Create Maximum Transparency
with ESG Reporting

Generate ESG reports aligned with internationally recognized sustainability frameworks such as GRI, BRSR, TCFD, CDP and others using the automated data fetch feature.

Global Sustainability Reporting

Report comparable and credible metrics and disclosures using an efficient reporting system with globally adopted up-to-date sustainability standards such as GRI, TCFD, CDP, etc.

Comply with SEBI's Sustainability Reporting

Heighten long-term performance and value creation prospects with BRSR reporting with an automated data- fetch feature that enables multi-year data reporting.

Custom ESG Reports for your Business

Get customized reports specific to location and ESG indicators, generate ESG reports on the supply chain, and provide your company’s stakeholders with more
timely and accurate ESG information.

Measure your ESG Performance

Get a detailed, intuitive suite of ESG analyses custom-made for your industry, including the UN SDGs, Gap Analysis, and ESG Mapping. Using the self-assessment feature, generate a Transparency Score against global ESG standards to see where you stand in terms of ESG performance.