BlueSky Impact Assessment Methodology

BlueSky Accredited Quality process for Impact Assessment of CSR Activities complies to ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines on Auditing Management Systems.

CSR Impact Assessment Framework builds on these guidelines

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals (Know more)
  • Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting
  • ISO 26000 : Guidance on Social Responsibility (Know more)
  • National Guidelines for Responsible Business Conduct-2018 (NGRBC)
  • The Companies Act -2013 (Know more)
  • The Companies ( CSR Policy ) Amendment Rules 2021 Click here for FAQ

Impact Assessment of CSR activities

Bluesky Sustainable Business can conduct Impact assessment of CSR Activities as listed in The Companies Act 2013 .

ISO 26000: Guidance on social responsibility

UN Sustainable Development Goals

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